Welcome to 1 Rep Max - UK Bodybuilding Clothing

1 Rep Max clothing is a designer brand from the UK, providing you with excellent quality bodybuilding clothing for men and women that you'll enjoy wearing in and out of the gym. It's designed to flatter your physique and is built to last! Our clothing is popular with bodybuilders, powerlifters and general gym goers (that just about covers anyone that loves weightlifting!) that want to train comfortably and look good.

We offer bodybuilding clothing and gym wear such as; Bodybuilding T-Shirts, cheap Weightlifting Vests and Sweatshirts and Hoodies

All of the garments in our clothing range are made from high-quality fabrics that are designed to help your skin breath, are high-durable, wash well and above all look great! At 1 Rep Max we are proud of the clothes we produce and we are sure you'll be proud to wear them too.

Featured products

Ribbed Vest - Black

Tight Fitting and Hard Wearing Muscle Vest in Black
£20.99 £11.99

Utili-Hood - Olive Green

Lightweight, long sleeve hoody top
£29.99 £13.99

Stringer Vest - Olive Green

Hard Wearing Stringer Training Vest
£19.99 £8.99

Limited Edition Polo Shirt

Designer Quality, Hard-Wearing Polo Shirt
£49.99 £14.99

Union Tee

A Stylish British Design!
£24.99 £12.99

X-Tee - Black

Stylish T-shirt you can use for training and everyday wear
£24.99 £12.99

Ladies Ribbed Vest - Bubble Gum Pink

Flattering Fit and Hard Wearing
£20.99 £5.99

Psycho MMA Tee - White

Psycho MMA front print logo
£21.99 £14.97